After 9 years of evolution, the Underwater Festival & Underwater Project team has decided to discontinue "The Underwater Project", a new concept and the world's first perpetual underwater shootout competition.

The Underwater Project was much more than a competition. As the name suggest we took the best of the Underwater Festival and evolved it into a continuous event. A project that continued to share the beauty and the issues of the underwater world of Australasia (and the rest of the world from 2015) and showed the world what we have to lose.

The Underwater Project is now closed - last entries were received on 31 January 2016 - WINNERS have been announced (see menu).

The Underwater Project created and supported unique local events across the region throughout the year. Any dive centre, resort, live aboard or dive club was able to become an Underwater Project Fringe Event host.

A few great features of the Underwater Project were:

  • A great new fully featured Underwater Project snapshot map with entries from past years included
  • Every member has their own stunning portfolio site with personal snapshot map and your personal gallery
  • If you had been participating in the Underwater Festival in previous years, your past entries will become part of your portfolio
  • You could select for each entry if it is available of use by non-profits for conservation purposes
  • You could select for each entry if it is available for sale with 50% of profits coming back to you

Submitted entries were be screened by the Underwater Project team. Entires that passed this first round of judgement appeared on the official Underwater Project snapshot map.

Screened images were be judged annually by the established Underwater Project judging panel and we had some of the best prizes in any photo competition ever conducted. Over 9 years of the event we awarded close to half a million dollars worth of prizes to dozens of underwater photographers and videographers from around the world.